By the Dutch Province of Noord Brabant and Brabant Heritage I was assigned to make a work of art on the estate of the castle of Geldrop. I wanted people to look at this national monument as if they saw it for the first time again. For that reason I decided not to make a sculpture, instead I moved into the castle with my family and became ‘Lord of Geldrop'. In a press release I lied that I had inherited the right to stay there and that started a media hype; the moving in made national television. Our stay 'reanimated' the castle, thousands of people came to look at us. The conclusion of our stay was a gala that could be viewed and heard from the garden. For the crowd outside there were fireworks.

The project was later discribed as exemplary several times. By Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad it was called out as one of the most fun art-'hoaxes ' of 2012.