Unimaginable scenarios for a 'creatable' society

Intervention on assignment of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam in collaboration with Het Blauwe Huis.

Even a brand new area like IJburg in Amsterdam will be scarred by life in about 75 years from now. History will prevail over the expectations and here too, truth will turn out to be stranger than fiction. On March 12th 2009 I wrote one scenario after the other about the time to come, which will shape IJburg. The future is hard to predict, but someone who writes and reassures or ‘un-assures’ the passer-by, confirms the thought that life will inevitably have it’s impact here. People could see the words appear and disappear ‘live’ on a large screen.

Take a closer look at one of the scenarios (#3) (PDF)
Take a closer look at one of the scenarios (#7) (PDF)

newspaper article (PDF)
(Dutch Column of Frenk der Nederlanden in het Parool)