In 2001 the work 'Hypnosis' had formed part of my graduation project and in 2006, at the invitation of curator Nanda Janssen, I made the first reprise for the exhibition Silence!, part of the Nieuwe Grond festival in Driebergen. During Hypnosis #002, visitors to a beautiful country mansion on the Horst estate were received in a room where they were brought into a state of trance by a hypnotherapist. At this point a brand new memory, which I had fabricated, was given to them. In this way these visitors to the exhibition came with me to a place which didn’t exist but of which we all now have a collective memory. The visitors also received a ‘post hypnotic suggestion’ from me, through which, at a later date, they will probably all think back to the house that they visited whilst hypnotised.

Hypnosis #003
This third edition of Hypnosis came into existence at the invitation of ‘The Office of Contemporary Adventure’ on occasion of Den Haag Sculptuur 2007. In this version visitors were invited to visit the Hague’s newest public square, the Meravigliaplein. As before, hypnotherapist Georg Clemens brought the participants into a trance and took them with him through an imagined alleyway, of my invention, to the square of which only the participants now have a memory. Thanks to post-hypnotic suggestion, but also to the signpost situated on Lange Voorhout, these participants too will probably think back often to the Meravigliaplein.