“In this exhibition Matthijs Bosman offered the viewer associations to trigger a flow of thoughts. Like a novelist, artist Bosman continually depicted stories to stir your imagination and stimulate your fantasy. With ’24 candle-wax drips’ you could find yourself envisaging an ancient mansion. The work ‘Device to carry around and occasionally turn your life into a scene from a musical’, made of 2 broadcasting speakers with a battery and a MP3-player, could incite you to dance. The view through the windows of a miniature tower block gives a feeling of domestic life. The viewer involuntarily finds himself a voyeur within Bosman’s mind. He showed eight different fragments in small installations specially made for this exhibition, alongside which he displayed, in the back room of Galerie West, a 'site specific work whereby one envisages some kind of disaster having taken place. Together with a film projection and a performance during the opening, Bosman presented us with a very broad view of his estranged world.
Just over a year ago Bosman presented a solo project in Galerie West in which he transformed the whole building into the environment of Jan and Archibald. As an artist he is concerned with social and spatial transformation processes. From these processes he evolves his evocative narrative which he manages to fabricate in an ingenious and sensitive manner, into physical structures and constructions.”

Marie-José Sondeijker from Galerie West.
Scenes, props and other options
Matthijs Bosman & Harmen de Hoop

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photos by Jhoeko photos by Jhoeko