Commissioned by Kunstbeeld magazine, I created an Installation in their booth on ArtAmsterdam 2009 I ‘high jacked’over 60 magazine covers, that I digitally manipulated so that they were about me, either with a self-portrait and a personal quote, or an image that I found, combined with a personal quote. I built a newsstand and placed the magazines in it. This installation created an egomaniacal self portrait that could fill it’s spectator with vicarious shame, while telling dozens of my extremely short stories on the magazine covers. It mocked the media, that often lack the ability of putting themselves into perspective.

Take a closer look at a magazine cover Skrien (PDF), ToBe (PDF), La Vie en Rose (PDF), Bright (PDF), Frame (PDF)
Take a look at the coverage in Kunstbeeld magazine from feb. 2009 (PDF))